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The church on the corner
where everybody is somebody, and nobody is left out!

Service and Meeting Times

Sunday School and Praise Service
Sunday 10:00 am and 10:45 am

Morning Worship Service
Sunday 11:00 am

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Bible Study
Wednesday 7:00 pm

Sunday School - In-Person at MABC

By request:  Online: Click Here
Meeting ID: 430 947 8851
Password: 9196199187
+1 646-558-8656 (New York)
+1 346-248-7799 (Houston)

Morning Service - Online: Click Here
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Bible Study - Online: Click Here
Meeting ID: 430 947 8851
Password: 9196199187
+1 646-558-8656 (New York)
+1 346-248-7799 (Houston)

Expanding Our Faith Throughout the Community

Finding the word of God is often challenging for us to do on our own. At Morehead Avenue Baptist Church, we help people strengthen their faith and develop their understandings of the Bible. We are a small Baptist church that proudly serves throughout Durham, North Carolina. We hold a weekly Bible Study, Sunday School, Praise, and Morning Worship Services for everyone to enjoy and participate in. We welcome new members to join us and become part of our loving family.

Inside of the Morehead Avenue Baptist Church

Share the joy and eternal love of Jesus Christ at Morehead Avenue Baptist Church. Our church is here to help the community develop a deeper understanding of the word of God and further its relationship with Jesus Christ. Our ministries provide a variety of services for the whole family to enjoy. Come and join us, and you are welcomed to become part of our congregation!

Ministries Morehead Avenue Baptist Church

Take part in our religious services that are updated monthly.
Call (984) 219-3106

About Morehead Avenue Baptist Church

At Morehead Avenue Baptist Church, we bring together friendly and caring believers of Jesus Christ, who pray and worship together as a community. Our church of God in Durham, North Carolina, brings together people moving into the area, to let them know they are invited to come and be involved. We are a Bible-based church, bringing people to Jesus Christ and the word of God.

For more than 70 years, we have participated in community outreach programs, allowing volunteers to support the community. Our church is positioned in West Durham in the center of a wonderful community. We also have a Homework Assistance, Tutoring Program for youth who need help with their homework during the week.

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Full Address

1008 Morehead Avenue,
Durham, NC 27707


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Service Area

City of Durham, Durham County, and surrounding counties--Alamance, Granville, Orange, Person, and Wake.